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  • Which Plan is Best for Me?
    Cell Tech is the kind of cellular store that can give you affordable wireless phone plans and cell phone accessories that make your day-to-day life easier.
  • Which Smartphone do you Have?
    Getting a Smartphone from Cell Tech here in Linden might be a little too obvious to some, but you can’t deny that the logic is solid. Even if you live somewhere like Union, making the drive to our convenient cell phone store is worth it.
  • Which Providers Do You Work With?
    When you’re looking for affordable wireless, consider prepaid wireless services like Boost Mobile and MetroPCS. They are perfect for hard-to- commit types, people in between phone plans, and those who tend to prioritize other things in their life besides mobile phones. We at Cell Tech understand these needs and want to make sure that you only buy a phone plan that you feel comfortable with.
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