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About Us

Here at Cell Tech in Linden, NJ, we work hard to be your favorite cell phone store. Whether you’re upgrading to a better Smartphone, replacing an old or damaged phone, or just browsing for something shiny, you’ve got options with us. We can tell you which accessories are for you, and which plans will save you the most money.


We can also help you choose from a range of mobile types. 


If you’re like almost everybody we know, and you want a faster Smartphone, you can come to us. The 'Smart' in Cell Tech is there for a reason. But we’re not snobs about it. We have other phones too.

If you scoff at the flashiness of modernity, then easy-to-use mobile phones – the ones that flip open and have actual buttons you can feel -- can still be found on our shelves. Some people may call them old, but if they’re from Cell Tech, they’re classic. 


Or let’s say you have a teen or pre-teen who needs something simple and durable to keep in touch with you. You want to be able to call and tell your child where to meet you when you pick them up from track, or a so-called 'slumber party,' without hearing that they’ve cracked their phone screen. Whatever it is, Cell Tech will know what you have in mind. We get you. We’re Smart.

We also pride ourselves on affordability. That’s why we like to show our customers what they can get with services like T-Mobile and Boost Mobile. Not only that, we also offer a selection of prepaid phone plans from different carriers. There are lots of deals available when you switch to some of these services, including starter prices for unlimited talk, text, and data for a limited time. We also offer to buy almost any phone from any carrier. So, if you’d like to gain a little extra money to go toward a new phone, we can help.


As a well-rounded cellular store, we provide accessories for you cell phone and other mobile devices too, like cases, batteries, chargers, and mounts.


When you come to Cell Tech, make sure you remember we’re open 10am-8pm M-F, 10am-7pm Sat., and 10pm-5pm on Sun. We’re located at 700 W St. George’s Ave, Linden NJ, 07036.


If you are anywhere in or near Linden, Union, Roselle, Clark, or Newark, you should come visit us. We can give you the most functional and stress-free phone cases, car accessories, phone plans and phones, of course.

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