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Affordable Wireless

Cellphone Store Display

Cell Tech is the kind of cellular store that can give you affordable wireless phone plans and cell phone accessories that make your day-to-day life easier.

When you walk into our location in Linden, NJ, ask us about which wireless plans will work for your specific needs. If you sign up for T-Mobile or Boost Mobile with us, there are different ways you can take advantage of our offers. 


Oftentimes family phone plans are a great choice, so if you find yourself with a large family of social butterflies, these kinds of plans will help you cut costs. Also, switching to T-Mobile from another carrier will also save you some money as well as give you good karma. So we’ve heard.


To keep things fun, there are plenty of cell phone accessories. We stock phone cases for everybody that range from stark and minimalist (for those who like to keep things sleek) to bright and artistic (for the fun types).


If you can never keep track of where you left your charger, or if it is worn and torn, you can buy extras from us at Cell Tech. And depending on the type of phone you have, your new charger can come in different colors too. The same can be said of our car chargers that conveniently plug into the cigarette lighter hole in your car.


Cell Tech also has mounts and holsters can be considered for the office as well as the car. Setting your phone to silent at work, but still being able to see notifications on the sly is a dream made reality with any desk phone mount. 


Our affordable wireless plans and car accessory inventory don’t stop there. These are just a sample of what we’ve got for you at Cell Tech. Visit us and let us show you your options.

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